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Due to lack of electricity generation capacity, power tariffs and your electricity bill will only increase, if you do try to reduce wastage of electricity. Most of the electricity is generated from coal, which is a fossil fuel and causes atmospheric pollution. A  few small changes will help you reduce your monthly electricity bill.

1. Switch off all electrical devices when they are not in use. Make it a habit to switch off the fan and tube light when you leave a room.

2. Replace all bulbs with CFL lamps which consume less electricity.

3. Watch less TV. Spend the time exercising or take a walk. It is also better for your health.

4. Instead of using a geyser try to install a solar water heater. Your electricity consumption will reduce and you may get discounts on your electricity bill and property tax bill.

5. Switch off  your computer when not in use. A CRT monitor account for more than 60% of  the total energy consumption of  the computer.  If a  screensaver is installed, electricity is consumed even when you are working on the computer. An LCD monitor consumes less power than a CRT monitor.

6. Select home appliances carefully. The electricity consumption of  a  frost free refrigerator is almost 50%  more than  that of a non-frost free refrigerator. Do not open the refrigerator door often, since this will increase the cooling requirement and electricity consumption. Set the temperature setting knob in the refrigerator at medium.

 Check the functioning of  the refrigerator regularly. If there is a problem with the compressor or the refrigerant gas (usually freon) starts leaking, your electricity bill will double. If the refrigerant starts leaking , the refrigerator will smell.  Get a new refrigerator , since repairs are expensive and there is no guarantee.

7. Install an air conditioner only if  it is essential. In most coastal areas, the sea breeze provides natural cooling. Switch on the air conditioner only when temperatures are high and set  the air conditioner temperature to 26 deg. C. The lower the temperature, the higher the electricity consumption.  Start the air conditioner an hour after starting work and shut off an hour before ending work.

8. If your electricity bill has  increased suddenly without any reason, you can request the power utility to check the electric meter. Mahadiscom (formerly MSEB) will check your electric meter for free, you have to give a written application to the nearest office.

9. Electricity tariffs vary according to location