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Among the major economies of  the world, India probably the worst internet connectivity in terms of speed, bandwidth, reliability  and it is the costliest price wise. Unlike the mainstream media (TV - idiot box and newspapers which pay you to read them ), you can decide how to spend your time on the internet  but the costs are prohibitive. You can minimize your internet bill if you are consider the following factors before selecting the internet plan

1. Whether you need it for work or entertainment and  how many hours you will spend

2. Whether speed or download limit or reliability is important

If  you have a full time time job with unlimited internet access and every one in your office works till late at night to show the boss how "hard working" they are, you can apply for the lowest priced plan from MTNL/BSNL/Sify.  Internet at  home is only to be used on holidays. This option is also available for students, since most educational institutions have high speed internet access.

If  you use the internet for work and will be downloading large amounts of  data , the options you have will depend on where you stay. Only Airtel, BSNL, MTNL are considered for broadband, since all other ISP's are notorious for their poor customer service.

Broadband Internet tariffs/rates for BSNL Dataone, MTNL Triband, Airtel Broadband

a. Airtel broadband seems to offer the best customer service and they have the cheapest unlimited download plan. They are only available in Delhi, (National Capital Region), Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and a few parts of Mumbai. If they are offering internet connection in your area, this is the best option

b. BSNL has an unlimited download internet broadband plan for Rs 950 per month all over India and MTNL, Delhi has an unlimited download internet broadband plan for Rs 949.  Mumbai is the only place in India where unlimited data download plan is not offered by government telecom companies - MTNL and BSNL

c. If  you do not use the internet extensively , you can opt for the Night Unlimited plan of  BSNL or MTNL . You are allowed unlimited data transfer between 0200 - 0800 hrs (BSNL)  or  between 0000 - 0800 hrs (MTNL). If you use this plan take the following precautions:

1. Download all software update, songs, movies, videos only during the free download period at night.

2. Switch off the modem at 23.55 and 7.55 hrs. MTNL does not have software to accurately bill usage in the Night unlimited plan and this information is highlighted at their website.

3. Switch off the modem when the internet connection is not used.

4. Monitor your usage frequently , if anyone is tapping your connection, complain to the ISP.

5. Avoid visiting websites with lot of graphics, flash and animation during the day.