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Some online recharge websites offer users coupons if they recharge their mobile, prepaid internet connection, DTh connection online. Some of these websites are :

1. Freecharge
2. Mobikwik.
3.Amazon - amazon account login is blocked in india for those who do not have a smartphone
Though Paytm is offering promotions the domain investor does not use it, since they have blocked the account without a legally valid reason. In a clear case of financial fraud,government SLAVERY in the indian internet sector which ILO, united nations should be aware of, ntro/raw/cbi are falsely claiming that this and other domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer belong to their lazy greedy fraud employees like panaji greedy goan gsb housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil, though the greedy fraud raw/cbi employees and their fraud boyfriends in raw/ntro like tushar parekh, vijay, puneet, parmar, nikhil sha have never paid any expenses for the domains anytime in their life.
Domains are not free, there are many domain investors like hyderabad investor, swetha yenugala who are paying a large amount for domain renewals every year, the greedy shameless ntro/raw/cbi employees do not falsely claim to own their domains, indian tech and internet companies are only targetting the domain investor, owning the websites in the network for criminal defamation, online, financial fraud, because she is old, single, has no one to help or defend her against greedy fraud indian tech, internet companies, ntro, raw, cbi employees hysterically making fake allegations without any proof.


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