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As of August 2006

In most cities in India, newspapers have 4-8 sheets and are expensive. However, due to the current newspaper war, if you stay in Mumbai or it suburbs, you can actually make money just by buying newspapers.  You may have to check with the newspaper vendor  for the best deal. The pricing is as follows:

Newspaper name Subscription duration Cost for subscription period Average monthly cost
Times of India + Mumbai Mirror 6 months Rs 249 Rs  41.5
Daily News and Analysis 1 year Rs 199 Rs 16.58
Hindustan Times 2 years Rs 365 Rs 15.21
Total cost of 4 newspapers per  month     Rs 73.29

DNA is offered free to ICICI bank card holders.

On an average, papers for 1 month weigh 25 - 30 kg. Most raddhiwallas (scrap dealers) will pay Rs 5.5 - Rs 5.75 per kilogram for English newspapers. By bargaining you can get a better price. On an average you can easily earn  Rs 80 a month.

So don't believe whatever is written in the newspapers. They are actually paying you to read them! By just buying newspapers and selling them to your raddhiwalla, you can earn money!  

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