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MTNL Garuda Mobile phone is the CDMA/WLL mobile  phone from MTNL. If  you want a cheap mobile phone connection, you can opt for it. It  is available in 2 options
1. Post paid option - Rs 1000 deposit, and monthly charges starting from Rs 100 per month depending on plan selected
2. Prepaid option - Rs 1499 , valid for 6 months

For both options, a colour mobile phone from Hisense is provided. You have to fill a form available at certain MTNL customer service centres. Not all telephone exchanges will have the form available with them. The form is a double sided form - one side in Hindi, other side in English, and asks for a lot of information. However, you only have to fill the basic data - your contact information and type of plan you are interested in.

However, the MTNL staff  will check the proof of identity and proof of address. A ration card, voter's id card, PAN number is required. If you do not have a ration card or voter's id card, you can show a copy of the latest MTNL landline phone bill paid by you. You can pay the initial deposit by cash. If the computer/servers are working properly, you will get an acknowledgement receipt within half an hour, otherwise you will have to visit  the MTNL office the next day. With the acknowledgement receipt, you will have to visit the nearest MTNL admin department or stores for issue of the mobile.

At the admin department, you will have to show the receipt to the security guard. Your proof of identity will be verified again, and the mobile manufactured by Hisense will be issued. The MTNL person will activate the mobile and ask you test it. No data cable is provided with the mobile. A detailed manual is also provided.


The battery is only partly charged, so after you get it, you will have to recharge it fully. Recharging takes about 1.5- 2 hours. After using it for one month, I feel the Garuda mobile phone performance is satisfactory. Compared to other mobiles, the keypad is very small. If the mobile is used for half an hour continuously,  it becomes hot. The ring tone is not audible at times.