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In Mumbai and Maharashtra , electricity is supplied by 4 utilities - Tata Power, Reliance (Western Suburbs and some central suburbs till Vikhroli), BEST (South Mumbai) and MSEB (Mahadiscom) (Rest of Maharashtra) . Tata power is not allowed to directly supply power to consumers who need less than 1 MW per day.  Their charges differ for residential, commercial and  industrial establishments.

1 unit  = 1 kwh (Kilo Watt Hour)

1,000 kwh = 1 mw


Tariff/ charges for power supply to homes (residential establishments)


Consumption slab/ power provider

Tata Power




0 - 30 units

40 paise


50 paise

40 paise

0 - 100 units

Rs 1.60

Rs 1.15

75 paise

Rs 1.90

100 - 300 units

Rs 3.60

Rs 3.20

Rs 2.15

Rs 3.40

Above 300 units

Rs 5.75

Rs 4.40

Rs 4.65

Rs 4.50


In addition to per unit cost, there is a fixed charge applicable to all consumers, which varies from Rs 3 per month to Rs 150 per month, depending on consumer category.

Most residences (without multiple air conditioners), consume less than 300 units per month


South Mumbai , which has the highest property prices in India, gets the cheapest electric supply.

Since MSEB has the highest tariff among companies supplying electricity directly , it tries to reduce all customer's electricity bills by implementing a random load shedding schedule.  No electricity is supplied to Mumbai suburbs like Bhandup for 3- 4 hours daily. In the rest of Maharashtra, there is no electricity for 10-12 hours.

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