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Most ecommerce companies offer a variety of coupons which can be used to purchase items from their online store at a discount. There are also number of coupons websites , which aggregate the coupons available for different products and services. The different modes for delivering the coupons are as follows:

1. By email / online for ecommerce stores - often these coupons are restricted for use with a particular bank credit or debit card
2. By SMS to the registered email id.
3. Paper coupons are hand delivered or sent by courier. Increasingly, if there is a shortage of change of Rs 1 /Rs 2 coins, some supermarkets offer coupons to their customers which can be used at a later date for payment. However, suitable precautions have to be taken to ensure that the coupons are not duplicated, so the coupons usually have a hologram embossed.

Coupons for different types of products are available.

Computer, electronics coupons
Food, meal coupons
Travel coupons
Clothes, shoes, accessories coupons
Flowers, gifts coupons

Finding cat litter coupon codes and other printable versions online is perhaps one of the most frustrating undertakings for those of us who love our discounts on our pet care purchases. Getting those cat litter coupons online can be like trying to swim through a muddy swamp; you just get more and more frustrated with the whole ordeal. While there are many places online which claim to have coupons for our perview, they often fall short of our expectations.


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