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Save money on purchasing clothes
The main expenses of a person or family are food, housing and clothes. While food expenses can be reduced growing food at home, housing can be minimized if living in a small town, with own home. For reducing clothes expenses, instead of purchasing expensive clothes, the clothes can be stitched at home.
Typically most retail stores will sell woman's clothes for Rs 450- Rs 2500 (medium range clothes), even a well designed top can cost Rs 600+. However, a person with an understanding of dimensions, mechanical design, fabrication can easily cut and stitch the clothes for less than Rs 99 saving a very large amount. With a little practice almost all clothes can be easily cut and stitched at home, saving a large amount. The key will be to find low cost material/fabric
A dress material set will cost Rs 170 - Rs 550 offline and Rs 349 to Rs 999 online depending on the quality of the material . Tailoring charges for a kurti will start from Rs 125 for a single top to Rs 350 for a complete salwar kameez set. If lining has to be provided for transparent materials the cost of the the clothes will increase to some extent, for example Rs 450. Simple designs will take less tailoring effort and are cheaper.
However most tailors have a long waiting list and usually will take two weeks to deliver the clothes that have been ordered. A dress can be cut and stitched manually in less than 4 hours. If a sewing machine will be available, the time taken will be even less. Hence learning to stitch clothes can help to save money, especially as most girls in India have studied needlework and embroidery in school as part of hobby, art and craft classes.
Though google has launched a high profile campaign to encourage more women to use the internet in India it has also allegedly sponsored a major sex, cheating for government job fraud in the indian internet sector , with the google sponsored call girls especially the cheater greedy goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar making it very difficult for the webmaster to earn any money online or offline as an engineer, spreading extremely malicious rumors . Powerful officials have also stolen the retirement savings of the webmaster without a court order. They are spreading also false rumors that the domains are paid by the NRI relative of the webmaster, who actually does not spend a single paisa to defame the webmaster and domain investors in the worst manner.These cunning anonymous officials have also blocked payment from at least eight customers online last year without a valid reason spreading false malicious rumors, making any online service work a waste of time and money. The clothes, accessories stitched can at least be used or given to friends and relatives as a gift.
Last year the webmaster could not purchase a new dress for more than 6 months despite being a major domain investor due to pampering and rewarding of greedy goan call girls siddhi, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree, asmita patel, who have got governmemt jobs, falsely claiming that they are the domain investors when they do not spend a single paisa online, only provide free sex to fraud powerful officials, are brahmin cheaters or are well connected. When online payment have been blocked repeatedly , expecting the webmaster to spend a large amount online would be foolish. One of the trademarks of the indian internet sector are extremely greedy and fraud officials who get a good government salary, put vulnerable webmasters, domain investors under surveillance, wasting indian tax payer money, and then falsely claim that they and their cheater call girl, brahmin friends own the domains, websites, when these greedy women and officials do not spend a single Paisa on the website expenses. Why are such chronic liars given so many powers?
All the money earned by the webmaster was spent on domain name renewals, webhosting, yet powerful officials in the indian internet sector, falsely claimed that the money was spent by their lazy greedy cheater friends, who actually did not spend a single paisa online. Clothes in retail stores are very expensive and not well designed, hence learning to design and stitch clothes has become an important consideration as the webmaster does not know to what level these officials and their cheater friends will stoop to leave her penniless. These officials are very powerful online, their powers offline are limited. These are most dishonest greedy fraud officials in the country, who specialize in framing and defaming innocent harmless people for personal gain.
In the indian internet sector, single women webmasters and online exporters are subjected to endless sexual harassment by cowardly powerful officials who manage to steal their resume for goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina and brahmin cheaters like nayanshree hathwar, while conveniently remaining anonymous. The call girls and cheaters are fraudulently appointed to important government jobs and join their boyfriends and relatives in making the life of the experienced engineer whose resume they have stolen difficult, denying the fundamental right to earn a living.
A domain investor, webmaster wearing tattered and old clothes will find it even more difficult to get work done offline . hence instead of spending more money online on domain names, webhosting, with the call girls and cheaters getting credit despite not doing anything , it will advisable to spend some money and time on stitching clothes, craftwork, repair, design, learn a skill which will be in demand. The clothes can be sold both online and offline and are far more lucrative than online work at present due to the waste of infinite indian tax payer money to leave the webmaster penniless.

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