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Cashback websites in India, get paid for shopping
Cashback websites are the latest trend for online shopping websites to get traffic.For these websites, the online shopper has to make a purchase through the website, and the specified cashback amount will be credited after the merchant will confirm the transaction. The confirmation time may vary between 30-60 days depending on the return policy of the merchant. Each website has a different amount for redeeming the cashback accumulated varying from Rs 10 to Rs 250. Payment by NEFT or cheque. Some A partial list of cashback, price comparison websites in India has been listed. These websites will be reviewed to check the tracking accuracy ill be greatly appreciated .
Hence a company or professional offering a product or service at a highly discounted rate, would often prefer Cashback website as a large number of visitors will convert into sales, as they pay only for the visitors to the website who actually purchase a product or service. Indian online shoppers with a limited budget can get some of the money they spend online shopping refunded to their bank account.Most of the major online shopping websites like, Paytm, Snapdeal, Ebay, Flipkart, Jabong, Shopclues have listed their deals on the website.

Cashkaro - one of the most high profile cashback website, with a large number of merchants listed on the website. Minimum amount for withdrawal Rs 250
GoPaisa - another popular cashback website. Lower withdrawal amount of Rs 100, In september 2021, the domain investor is getting logged out automatically - offered cashback for purchase on service provider websites, Low minimum payout.
Click2Cash - offered good tracking for Amazon india according to users.
Priceboard - does not have a referral program, yet it has a relatively low payout. nice saying,in signup mail, when I had money, everyone called me brother
Dubli - MLM does not offer local payment using NEFT/cheque - has mentioned that it will be closing soon.
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Any other cashback website offering cashback to online shoppers, interested in advertising at a low rate, to attract new online merchants and online shoppers , can send an email to, or use the contact form
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